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We provide high quality Consumer Electronics: Accessories, emphasizing quality and customer satisfaction!

Welcome to Power Supplier Biz Ltd, where we specialize in the sale of aftermarket laptop and notebook batteries, camcorder batteries, digital camera batteries, power tools batteries, (top quality Lithium-ion (Li-ion) and Nickel-Metal Hydride ( Ni-MH )) battery chargers and other accessories for electronic devices at highly competitive prices. All our replacement batteries and chargers undergo rigorous quality control tests.

Quality Assurance
As a specialized manufacture of battery products, in order to meet different requirements in different areas and make our customers use our batteries safely, we have established a powerful in-house Research and Development center, which is contributed in the Research and Development of the battery protection circuit, charging management circuit and battery case structure. We own a team composed by more than 20 experienced engineers, who can in time master the newest technology and information.

We set up Quality Control sites in every process from testing physical and chemical performance of all raw materials to inspecting finished product performance. Every product is marked with a note to record materials and test result during manufacturing process. In battery assembly lines, we finish a complete test of finished products’ contact reliability and compatibility by their compatible machines. We do not make a new battery item into mass production without real machine inspection. On a finished product finally is stamped with an ID code for their own warranty period. Our goal is provide “zero-problem” products to our customer.
Replacement parts may cause your product to lose its original effectiveness. If you cannot accept them, please do not purchase them. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Exceeding your customer service expectations

We strive to be better than you expect us to be. Our highly trained customer friendly staff is here to help you find those hard to locate items. As part of our high customer service standards we are here to answer any questions you may have about your purchases or future purchases. We also offer great tips through our web site to help you maintain your equipment as part of our commitment to you, our customer.

All our sales people receive extensive training on our products, Lithium-ion battery technologies, and AC/DC power. We welcome any questions you may have about laptop/notebook, PDA, camcorder, digital camera batteries and other accessories. We believe the best customer service starts with product knowledge. Of course, once you decide on the item you need, you will want to receive it right away. Our warehouse has thousands of batteries in stock and provides the best service to our customers.

Please use the following methods to contact Power-Supplier:

  • Contact Us: order@power-supplier.biz
  • service@power-supplier.biz

  • All the items you order are shipped from our factory in China, below is our address:

    Office address: Power Supplier Biz Ltd, Room 803, Jiaxiye Building, Donghuan Road, Fenghuang Street, Guangming district Shenzhen Guangdong 518107, China

    Our office hours is 8:00 am - 6:00 pm PT, Monday - Sunday.